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"pdirl" (PHPDirListing) is a tiny directory listing program. It is meant to be better looking and more useful than the directory listings produced by Apache. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so I looked for an existing PHP script and I've found PHPDL by Greg Johnson, I added some features to it. (1.0.x is no longer based on PHPDL.)


Put 'index.php', '.htaccess' and '.pdirl' all in one directory - you will see a nice directory listing in it and its subdirectories.




There is a bug tracker, a bazaar branch and other nice stuff on pdirl's launchpad project site. pdirl-0.9.x won't be developed anymore. It is nice to get e-mails from users, that want to make 0.9.x better, but the current development focus is on 1.0.x, so please look for bugs in the current 1.0.x-version instead of in 0.9.x. Some bugs were fixed in 1.0.x, but if you found some that exist in 1.0.x or in both, don't hesitate to track them.




If pdirl is too much for you or not that directory listing you are looking for I recommend you:


Good people have translated pdirl to English, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish

You can help translate pdirl at launchpad.


If you have found a bug, wrote a new translation, want to say thanks or just love this project, write me an e-mail.


License (MIT/X11)

You are free to use "pdirl" (from 1.0), to copy it and to redistribute it under the MIT/X11 license when you include the license text in all copies and redistributions.

Old License (CC-BY-SA)

You are free to use "pdirl" (up to 0.9.3), to copy it and to redistribute it under the CC-BY-SA license when you link back to this page.

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